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Ausganica - Organic Essential Oils 10ml

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We have a range of Ausganica 100% organic essential oils in store - All 10ml

They are of premium quality.

From as early as she can remember, Ausganica’s visionary founder, Moreen Liao, associated plants (especially their scent), with all the best things in life: the love and security of her family, health, happiness, and inner joy.

When Moreen could not find anyone willing to manufacture for Ausganica in a way that met her exacting standards, she established her own exclusive facility, and certified it organic.

Manufacturing in-house is a true rarity in the industry, but it affords Moreen the freedom to be herself. She is able to verify the exact quality and source of each ingredient, formulate and innovate as she sees fit, and whole-heartedly guarantee compliance with the brand’s three—yes three—certified organic regulators.

We stock a range of her 100% organic essential oils