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Cambinata Yabbies

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We stock (when available and in season) WA's finest gourmet yabbies.

Some Yabby facts

  1. Yabbies are exquisite and unique – unique to Australia, and exquisite in presentation and flavour.
  2. Yabbies are environmentally friendly, and they are sustainable, being farmed and not wild caught. They are produced in the clean, green environment of Australia, without genetic modification.
  3. Yabbies are robust, able to live in a cool room in the esky in which they arrive for a week, so the fresh product is always on hand without having to tank. They are very entertaining when displayed in a tank, however, and being nocturnal, are most active at night, entertaining the diner.
  4. Yabbies are extremely versatile – choose the size that suits your budget and dish. Serve them as part of a seafood platter, “lamb and dam,” barbecue or curry them, or serve them with garlic, or a combination of chilli, ginger and garlic.
  5. Yabbies are for the health conscious, as they have virtually no fat or cholesterol.
  6. Yabbies' shells are relatively thin and easily removed, and large yabbies can be easily cut in half through the middle like a lobster and grilled.
  7. Yabbies are a gourmet product and are appropriate for those who appreciate fine dining.
  8. Yabbies are for the discerning chef looking for something different for his/her clients – the basis of a dish to which the chef can add their own touches. We find that chefs enjoy exploring the many ways in which they can prepare yabbies.
  9. Yabby flesh is more tender than that of lobster, and is delicate and sweet in flavour.