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Collagen Straight Up

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Australia’s only WADA tested and clinically researched marine collagen

Ingredients: 100% pure wild-caught hydrolysed marine collagen peptides.

Net weight 280g | 28 serves
1 serve = 10,000mg collagen

For everyday beauty - healthy skin, hair and nails.

These collagen peptides have been used in clinical research and they speak for themselves, being absorbed 1.5 times more effectively than other sources.

Sustainably sourced and wild caught. No added flavourings, sweeteners or other fillers.

- Healthy hair, skin and nails
- Promotes bone and joint health
- Improved performance
- Supports faster training and injury recovery
- Maintains skin firmness, elasticity and hydration
- Bioactive ingredients stimulate natural collagen formation

Collagen Straight up can be easily incorporated into your favourite hot or cold foods and beverages without impacting taste.