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Nature's Botanical

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Nature's Botanical products are made from the powerful combination of premium Rosemary and Cedarwood oils, two very effective essential oils for insect control. These natural insect repellent ingredients serve as the perfect active agent in their products.

Nature’s Botanical have developed natural insect repellent products for people who wish to protect themselves against stubborn insects. Say goodbye to the harsh chemical-based repellents, and choose the better, more eco-friendly alternative. 

Product Options include a creme, a spray and a roll on.

The Creme comes in a jar for ease of application. Upon the first application, you’ll experience relief due to the anti-inflammatory properties of its all-natural active ingredients.

This spray product does not come as an aerosol which means much of the product is saved instead of being lost in the air. It comes in a 500mL spray that has an adjustable nozzle.

This handy roll-on option is great for kids because of its very easy application process.