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Paleo River Salt - 160g grinders

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Organic Natural Salt, sourced and made in WA.  Has been made into a selection of gourmet flavours.

Smoked Salt Chunks

Enhance the salinity of your dish while infusing it with the flavour of a wood fire BBQ with Mizzi’s Smoked Salt Chunks. Perfect for your next BBQ to jazz up your steak or add that extra kick in your next vegetarian dish.

Salt Bush Salt Chunks

Salt bush is abundant across the salt lake regions of the Western Australian desert. Mizzi’s salt bush flavoured salt extracted locally will add a smooth salty and subtle earthy flavour to your food. Great as a universal flavouring you can apply to any dish.

Chilli Salt Chunks

Chilli salt is an ideal condiment to sprinkle on a plate before serving. Use it to add just that little bit of heat to a dish to satisfy the spicy taste buds of friends and family.

Seaweed Salt Chunks

Seaweed is very high in potassium and magnesium, two ingredients that our body needs to stay healthy. The subtle and unique savoury flavour of seaweed works great with eggs, any kind of meat and grilled vegetables. Seaweed is very much an underrated flavour and you will be surprised at how well it will compliment your dish.

Desert Salt Flakes

We source Mizzi’s Desert Salt crystals from the ancient and pristine shores of Lake Baandee in the Western Australian Desert. Our Desert salt provides a smoother flavour compared to regular table salt and is a great substitute. Try Mizzi’s Desert Salt flakes to enhance the flavour of your fish and chips without the harshness of table salt.