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Verigrow is an amazing new product made right here in WA. It is an innovative all purpose fertiliser and soil improver made using 100% Australian low grade wool as a result from years of research.

Wool is a sustainable and rich source of amino acids (more than 75% of wool is made of amino acids). Verigrow contains an organic (from amino acids) and an inorganic source of nitrogen (12% w/v total N). The inorganic nitrogen provides an immediate source of nitrogen while the organic nitrogen provides a slow release and longer lasting effect. You can use Verigrow on anything and everything including lawnfruit treesvegetablesflowersnativesherbs and more.

Amino acids help plants combat stress, improve flowering, increase root mass, activate natural defence mechanisms in plants, and enhance photosynthesis by increasing the chlorophyll concentration. They also promote nutrient absorption and stimulate the essential metabolic activities in the plant. Most amino acids are also charged enabling them to attract water molecules and therefore help with water retention.

Verigrow comes in a concentrate, use a capful for every two litre of water and ensure it is  thoroughly mixed prior to use.